Dansk Hundeparkering – information in English

Dansk Hundeparkering was founded in 2016, and cooperates with the Norwegian Den4Dogs founded in 2004. We strive for a society more convenient for dogs and dogowners. We create products that generally make dog owners spend more time with their dog, because a dog is at its happiest when walked by the owner.

Den4Dogs are currently operating in Norway, Denmark and Sweden, but are aiming for global expansion. Thus, we are looking for partners in other countries. We work with anyone who wants the best for dogs (and owner), and provides technology to the dog’s best.

Our main product is the “Den4Dogs Shopper”. This is a high quality product that is placed outside shoppingmalls, grocery stores, supermarkets, convenient stores –generally places where it is practical to drop by for some shopping while you’re out walking your dog. You can safely place your dog in the Den4Dogs Shopper, so it can relax there while you are inside doing errands.

We’ve been through an extensive process to find the right design and test different types of cages and dens. We believe we have designed and constructed the safest and best place for the dog away from home.

For health and safety reasons, there are many locations that are inaccessible to dogs. By giving dogs their own safe den, we expand their reach in the public domain. The result is that dogs can spend more time with the owner, who will have greater freedom, less stress, better conscientious and more happy moments with the dog.

Since our products are developed on the dog’s terms, we ensure that your dog is protected from other dogs and people passing by, pathogens and theft. At the same time the Den4Dogs Shopper provides an environment where the dog can relax on its own premises. Owner can safely spend more time with your dog, because it is not dangerous anymore to bring the dog along and let it be alone for a little while.

The founder of Den4Dogs, Morten H. Wang, has had dogs for more than 20 years.

Den4Dogs designs are protected.